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Donation Programme

For infertility treatment we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive treatment and care including Donation Programme as its inseparable part.  In our Centre we provide treatment of infertility with donated sperm, donated oocytes (eggs) and donated embryos. We offer a large database of donors that is why our clients can start their treatment immediately, without a waiting period. A success rate in our Donation Programme ranges from 45 to 55% of clinical pregnancies.

Donation Programme is designed for couples where one or both partners produce no sex cells (sperm and eggs) or only cells with poor quality. It may be caused by age, premature failure of ovaries or some other diseases. Also couples with a possible risk of passing a genetic disease from a parent to their offspring can ask for donated sex cells (sperm and eggs) or embryos (upon the recommendation of a geneticist).

Donation of sex cells and embryos is strictly anonymous. All donors undergo thorough examinations in order to rule out infectious and sexually or genetically transmitted diseases. Prior to the procedure clients asking for donated sperm, oocytes or embryos are requested to fill in a questionnaire for selecting donors, where they also specify physiognomic features – phenotype. Despite making every effort to secure as close match between a donor and a recipient as possible there is a potential of occurring minor alterations in a baby’s phenotype due to generational and multifactorial inheritance.

In case you are interested in entering our Donation Programme as recipients of donated sperm, oocytes or embryos, please contact our coordinator Ing. Katarína Masárová –, 00421 915 989 162. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.