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State-of-the-art incubator EmbryoScope+

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that we have upgraded technical equipment of our embryology laboratory by purchasing the most modern incubator EmbryoScope+ with the largest capacity of all time-lapse systems. The advantage of this incubator is that there can be simultaneously examined embryos from up to 15 patients with monitoring up […]

MACS – sperm selection

Dear ladies and gentlemen, We would like to introduce to you a possibility of increasing pregnancy success rate and improving embryo quality through a new method MACS (Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting) for best-quality sperm. The sperm selected for oocyte insemination despite being physiologically normal and having normal morphology may carry fragmented DNA resulting in a negative […]


Dear ladies, POSTCOITAL TEST is not a new examination. We can say it has been almost forgotten. However, it is an essential and the simplest method how we can "kill two birds with one stone" without waiting long. It means we can find out whether a woman's vaginal environment is "friendly" to the partner's sperm […]


Dear ladies, are you over 30 and you are longing for a baby? You should know your ovarian reserve. After the age of 25 years OVARIAN RESERVE starts to decline and after the age of 30 it declines significantly. If you plan to have a baby, do not hesitate and come to be tested and […]


Dear ladies and gentlemen! A medical discipline, which has currently entered diagnostic process of infertility, is REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY.  It offers another dimension in detecting causes of infertility. Our Centre actively started to collaborate in the field of REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY with MUDr.  Katarína Bergendiová, PhD. from the "ImunoVital“ Centre in Bratislava and with MUDr. Dzurillová from the "Medicentre […]

Satisfaction Survey

Health Policy Institute (HPI) focused on health policy and health economics in Slovakia and in Central and Eastern European countries conducted a client satisfaction survey within centres of assisted reproduction in Slovakia, including our GYN-FIV Centre. The survey was carried out in February this year by means of anonymous questionnaire for clients.

Out-of-hours Consultations

For our clients to whom the office hours of our physicians are not suitable due to various reasons we offer a possibility of out-of-hours consultations. Information on out-of-hours consultations are available at the reception on the telephone numbers +4212 50 10 29 00, +421 915 45 08 18, +421 902 81 81 00.


Hysterosalpingo-foam sonography HyFoSy is an ambulatory ultrasound examination by using which we can test TUBAL PATENCY and examine CONTOURS OF THE UTERINE CAVITY. As a contrast medium for HyFoSy we use a foam suspension of sterile inert gel which in comparison to a saline solution (for SIS – Saline Infusion Sonogram) provides better contrast and […]