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As my mum keeps saying: when gynaecological diseases were being passed out, perhaps I might have been queueing twice. My problems began in my youth when doctors detected a so-called ‘chocolate’; cyst on my right ovary. I was 20 when I underwent the operation also on the part of the ovary, and during surgery, they even found out […]

This way I also would like to express my gratitude to the whole Gyn-fiv team, particularly great nurses in Nitra, thanks to whom we have our beloved Sabinka ♥ (15.2.2017, 2800 grams, 48cm). I also want to encourage all couples who long for a baby to manage it as well as we did!

It all started when we longed for the baby very much.Since we could not fulfill our dream for a long time, we turned to the experts in GYN-FIV. At first, I was worried how this would be done and if ever we would manage to make our dream come true… We underwent the insemination once […]


Our lovely babies, Thomas (2770 g, 49 cm) and Tobias (2270 g, 47 cm), were born on January 9, 2017 in the 33rd week of gestation by Caesarean section. Almost the entire pregnancy was uneventful. About one month before labour there began to be a greater difference in weight of the babies and then one of them […]


Hello, we would like to show off our 4-week-old son Viktor, weighing 2950 g and 48 cm long at birth. Our great thanks belongs to MUDr. Karin Vondráková, as well as the nurses for their very kind and professional approach. Our journey to a longed-for baby was not easy, complications arose at the beginning and […]

Dear Gyn-fiv team, we would like to thank you for fulfilling our greatest dream. Today, thanks to you and your help we can enjoy our treasure – our baby son Samko.:) My pregnancy was far from being uneventful. In the first trimester – in the 5th week – I started bleeding and ended up in […]

Anita Popovicova

Hello. About five years ago, we decided to start a family. I went for a check-up examination, and my cytological tests went wrong. I had to undergo cervical conization. A half year later, I again undertook cytological tests, and the results were OK. But I couldn’t get pregnant. I sent my partner to a semen […]


“Exactly eight years ago we got married and thought our wedding day was the most beautiful in our lives, but we were wrong… The most beautiful day came just today on 21 October 2009 at 10:15 when our daughter Laurinka was born. She is 3420 g and 50 cm long. She is wonderful, healthy and […]


A likeable TATIANA HEJBALOVÁ (41) is a mother of beautiful daughters SAŠKA (18) and ADELKA (4). She would have had neither of them if she hadn’t undergone artificial insemination. And she has never regretted her decision. Her life has been filled with happiness because of this. “I have both daughters thanks to assisted reproduction. I […]

Oliver George (2)

We are sending you our best regards from Canada. Finally, on January 31st we were joined by Oliver George, 3138 g, 50 cm. He is perfectly healthy, beautiful and brings us joy even at three o'clock in the morning. 🙂