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EmbryoScope™ – System of embryo monitoring


What your embryos do while you are sleeping?

EmbryoScopeTM provides a safe and controlled cultivation and observation of embryos thanks to non-stop monitoring. 

EmbryoScopeTM offers us two main advantages:

There is no need to remove the embryos from the incubator to watch them under a microscope. The embryo’s environment stays constant with optimal temperature and CO2 concentration, so it is prevented from changes in temperature, light exposure, etc.

As we are allowed to watch how the embryo has been fertilized and divided, we can choose the one we consider has followed all the steps and will have a better implantation. Using normal incubators, we can only see them once a day, so we have a lot less information about the embryos.

EmbryoScopeTM provides watching of 72 embryos at once – 6 petri dish with 12 embryos in each dish (one dish for one patient.

Development of embryo is a very dynamic process. The incubator allows us to record a picture of each embryo every 20 minutes. This helps to evaluate all usual parameters as well as time-depended parameters, as:

  • The exact determination of time when the embryo started to differentiate as well as time of further embryo differentiation
  • Synchronization of all time periods of embryo differentiations
  • Course of fragmentation
  • Forming the nuclei after embryo differentiation
  • Non-stop watching of all embryos in course of their cultivation
  • Minimal manipulation with embryos