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… each 3rd child born after assisted reproduction in Slovakia is from GYN-FIV* …

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to introduce to you the results of our Centre at a European scale.

Centres for assisted reproduction present their results evaluation considering varied success rate parameters not always reflecting the real outcomes.

The most reliable outcome of our work is considered to be the „delivery rate“ per cycle, in which egg retrieval was performed.

Unfortunately, in Slovakia there has not been established any institution authorized to collect data on IVF cycles from particular centres into the National Registry responding to the Europe-wide Registry set up at ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology).

Each centre for assisted reproduction in Slovakia is monitored by a pertinent health insurance company, which assesses the results of performed cycles. Thus, we present health insurance companies (VŠZP, Dôvera) as a source of provided results to compare them with available results from the ESHRE Registry**. The results presented fall into the period of 2010 – 2013, within which 1,551 IVF cycles from VŠZP and 713 IVF cycles from Dôvera were performed in our Centre.


Neighbouring countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria – deliver data to the ESHRE Registry; however, they do not specify the data on delivery rate referring to IVF cycles.

In Slovakia an insurance company can cover three IVF cycles per couple up to the woman’s age of 39 years. I am pleased to say that in our Centre 9 out of 10 couples succeed in achieving pregnancy within three IVF cycles. As a support for the less fortunate after three unsuccessful IVF cycles in our Centre we provide such couples with 50% discount on the 4th IVF cycle. This discount is fully covered by our company.

We would like to express our gratitude for due trust to all who with our help managed to bring their desired child into this world. At the same time we would like to thank also those who, in spite of our common effort, have not succeeded in achieving their longing yet.
At present we are happy to see more than 3,000 children who were born due to assisted reproduction procedures in our Centre and we do believe that our “GYN-FIV“ family will successfully continue growing …

                                                                                                     Peter Harbulák and GYN-FIV staff

* source VŠZP (health insurance company in Slovakia)
**Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2010: results generated from European register by ESHRE. Hum.Reprod., 29, 2014, č. 10, s. 2099-2113


Significant statistical data in GYN-FIV represent monitoring of infertility treatment in patients over the period of 2009 – 2013. These data include all patients who underwent 1-3 IVF cycles in GYN-FIV. Therefore, in case the patient after undergoing her 1st IVF cycle failed to achieve pregnancy, she underwent the 2nd or 3rd IVF cycle. Clinical pregnancy was confirmed in 1,376 patients out of the total number 1,448. Success clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) is more than 95%, see the following graph:


Notice: GYN-FIV results in 2009 – 2016