Embryo Donation


Embryo donors must meet the following criteria:

  • health status free of serious diseases (including congenital and psychic ones)
  • minimum completed education of both donors – secondary
  • donors undergo testing for infectious, sexually transmitted (HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.) and genetically transmitted diseases (karyotype – evaluation of the number and structure of chromosomes and test for cystic fibrosis)

Embryo donation programme has no waiting period. Thus, a couple interested in undergoing this procedure can together with a doctor plan cryoembryotransfer process upon their requirements.

We guarantee quality embryos at the blastocyst stage for embryotransfer.


In the process of getting donated embryos there are used embryos from donors which are transferred to the recipient’s uterus.

Prior to the procedure clients asking for donated embryos are requested to fill in a questionnaire for selecting donors, where they also specify physiognomic features – phenotype of both recipients – in order to secure as close match between donors and recipients as possible.
We guarantee recipients with high quality embryos ready for transfer.


After a short hormonal preparation of the uterus (the uterus is prepared for successful embryo implantation) the embryos are inserted into the uterus during a short ambulatory procedure.

Preparation process for transfer of donated embryos occurs at home. Drugs needed for the preparation of the uterus are prescribed for you by our physician. Within this hormonal stimulation one ultrasound examination is necessary to undergo with your gynaecologist in order to monitor thickness of the uterine mucosa.

Once your results are optimal our Centre will confirm the pre-agreed particular day for embryo transfer.

Embryo donation is strictly anonymous!

During the whole process of a recipient’s preparation for transfer of donated embryos our coordinator and physician are at your service on phone or SKYPE.

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