MSS – Microfluidic sperm sorting

Revolutionary innovation in the selection of sperm

Selection of high quality and healthy sperm significantly affects the chance of a successful pregnancy. In a natural fertilization method, healthy sperm are separated from the rest in the microfluidic channels, which occur naturally in the female reproductive system.

In IVF treatment, we imitate this natural mechanism of the body through the microfluidic chips. They were developed to mimic the natural mechanism for the selection of sperm in the laboratory settings. These microchannels work as a filter that selects only healthy and good quality sperm.

During the centrifugation process of sperm, there are formed toxic oxygen free radicals, which are washed out from dead cells into the neighbouring environment and cause fragmentation (damage) of the DNA of sperm. This DNA damage is one of the major reasons that hinder the process of a successful pregnancy. Microfluidic channels reduce the oxidative stress of sperm.

A sample of sperm selected by these systems is almost 100% motile and has higher quality in terms of morphology and DNA integrity than a raw semen sample.  These systems also have the potential to retain the full fertilizing capacity of sperm samples processed.

In cases of male factor infertility, this method demonstrably increases the percentage of pregnancy by up to a third and significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage.

When is this method recommended?                                                                                                             

  • in increased fragmentation of sperm DNA and increased level of the intensity of oxidative stress
  • in recurrent IUI failures
  • in a lower rate of egg fertilization in the previous IVF cycle
  • in poor quality embryos in previous IVF cycles
  • in recurrent unsuccessful embryo transfers
  • in recurrent miscarriages
  • additional to the Egg Donation Programme to increase success of fertilization



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