Sperm Freezing

Both the quantity and quality of sperm in men decreases. The sperm count may gradually fall to
zero and the only way to preserve the genetic material of a man is SPERM FREEZING.

Semen samples are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C, allowing their long-term storage. One semen sample is frozen in several straws in order to reuse this sample. In the process of freezing and thawing, there has to be taken into consideration the fact that part of the sperm may not survive.

Sperm cryopreservation is recommended to patients with severe disorders of semen analysis, cancer
patients prior to chemotherapy, patients who plan to undergo a vasectomy or treatment associated
with the use of strong drugs or hormones.

Preventive sperm freezing is also performed before the scheduled procedure in a female partner (oocyte puncture, insemination), when her male partner is not present or has a mental block to pass his ejaculate at the given time.

Sperm freezing is advisable also for men who are not thinking of starting a family yet, but their semen analysis results are critical.

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