Egg freezing process

1. Initial Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation with a doctor regarding your health condition, when you also undergo initial examinations and the whole process of egg freezing will be explained to you.

2. Consultation on results and stimulation

After completing all initial and blood tests, your doctor will suggest a stimulation protocol where your ovaries will be hormonally stimulated to produce more eggs than in natural ovulation. After setting up the stimulation protocol, the coordinator will explain you the dosing and administration of the individual hormones.

3. Monitoring of stimulation

During the stimulation, you will have several tests where, by ultrasound and blood hormone testing, your doctor will monitor the course of the stimulation and stop the stimulation at the right time.

4. Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is performed under general anesthesia, while the procedure itself takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes. During the procedure, follicles containing follicular fluid with your eggs are removed from the ovaries.

5. Egg freezing

The retrieved eggs are then frozen in our laboratory by the vitrification process. This is a method of rapid freezing of eggs and their subsequent storage at -196 ° C for unlimited time. By using special freezing media, your eggs will be kept in the best condition for future use.

6. Thawing and fertilisation

When you decide it is time to use your frozen eggs, you will visit our centre with your partner / husband and we will thaw your eggs and fertilize them with his sperm in the laboratory. Since eggs are not frozen together, it’s up to you how many eggs you decide to use and how many you keep frozen. We will then cultivate the resulting embryos, and for the fifth day we will put the best quality embryo into your uterus. Other high-quality embryos may be frozen again and used later with your consent.

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