Fulfilling our dream

20. Apr 2017

Our lovely babies, Thomas (2770 g, 49 cm) and Tobias (2270 g, 47 cm), were born on January 9, 2017 in the 33rd week of gestation by Caesarean section. Almost the entire pregnancy was uneventful. About one month before labour there began to be a greater difference in weight of the babies and then one of them even gained no more weight, so they had to come out a bit sooner :), not to mention the fact that there had not been enough space for them and I had been feeling really unwell as I had difficulty breathing.

We would like to thank very much the whole Gyn-fiv team for fulfilling our dream to have little children and be parents, we are very happy.

Many thanks from my side go especially to Lucka and dr.Harbulák for their kind and friendly approach.

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