The greatest happiness

28. Apr 2016

Hello. About five years ago, we decided to start a family. I went for a check-up examination, and my cytological tests went wrong. I had to undergo cervical conization. A half year later, I again undertook cytological tests, and the results were OK. But I couldn’t get pregnant. I sent my partner to a semen analysis, and he was told to have a low count of sperm with low motility. He was recommended to undergo another examination in B.B. He went there for a year with no change. Therefore, we decided to undergo IVF. The first try was successful. My pregnancy was uneventful. Just as well, a spontaneous delivery was OK and today we have a beautiful 3-month old Terezka. Here I would like to thank the whole team of GYN-FIV. For a professional approach. I also want to thank the nurse in Nitra where we went for check-ups and blood taking. She is very nice and caring. When I was worried, she always calmed me down and persuaded me everything would turn out just fine. And she was right. I wish you every success in your work and a lot of parents you will make happy as you made us.

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