One-day surgery

One-day health care (OHC) involves planned surgical procedures, which cannot be resolved within outpatient treatment, but at the same time, this condition does not require hospitalization longer than 24 hours. In our Centre, OHC is focused on performing operational, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures.

We offer our clients to undergo OHC carried out in our facilities in Bratislava and Žilina.

The facility in Bratislava performs OHC endoscopically, the facility in Žilina performs OHC endoscopically and also with using a laser device Mona Lisa Touch.

The patients are scheduled for surgical procedures after consultation with our physicians.
The patient comes to our medical facility on the day of a planned procedure. After performing the procedure, the patient having been informed is released to home treatment, namely on the day of the procedure, optimally to 12 but not later than 24 hours after arriving at the facility.

The list of OHC performances together with a brief explanation of their nature can be found in the left column.

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