A house full of kids and happiness

24. Mar 2016

“Exactly eight years ago we got married and thought our wedding day was the most beautiful in our lives, but we were wrong… The most beautiful day came just today on 21 October 2009 at 10:15 when our daughter Laurinka was born. She is 50 cm long and weighs 3420 g. She is wonderful, healthy and merely ours.“

So it was how we announced to become parents six years ago. And since then a lot of things have changed.
After the wedding, we were trying to get pregnant, but we were struggling. We took things as they came as we were relatively young and we had the whole life ahead of us. I was 25 and my husband 23. But as the years added up mercilessly, we realized it would not be that easy. We used to try various herbs, acupuncture, and healers. Although my cysts disappeared by this natural method, I still did not become pregnant. Our firm belief once we would make it was a leading light for us. We were even in Israel at the Wailing Wall.
The gynaecological and urological examinations turned well, but still we were struggling. We gave ourselves an ultimatum: if it failed within a particular time, we would tackle our problem with the GYN-FIV centre. I was 32 when we visited the Centre for the first time. I had problems with my thyroid gland, and my husband had a low count of sperm. The only chance was IVF. So the series of examinations began. You will not believe me, but I was always looking forward to going to Gyn-Fiv. Also, when they took a blood sample. I knew I was closer to my dream step by step. I dare say I believed a million per cent it would work. We experienced a positive approach, kind doctors, and nurses. Two weeks of waiting – probably the longest in my life. You can ask any patient. In the morning blood taking and then I counted minutes until the moon when I called the nurse. I was crying a lot, the nurse with me and I asked her: “Are you sure, is it certainly me? Don’t you have somebody else with the same name?” Our first try to get pregnant was successful. My pregnancy was uneventful and with a happy ending. Our daughter Laurinka was born. We had yet some embryos frozen in GYN-FIV and so two years later we tried our luck again. It was a simple matter of implanting an embryo. But I failed to become pregnant. Although it did not work and I was sad and disappointed, we told ourselves to take it easy. After all, we have Laurinka, we are a family, and I am grateful she is healthy, beautiful, and smart and makes us happy.
Two months later after that unsuccessful try we were invited to the Family Day in GYN-FIV and there I realized it was strange I hadn’t got a period. We talked to Dr. Drábek and asked if drugs given before implantation could have interfered with a menstrual cycle. But it was not drugs; I became naturally pregnant two months after implantation. When I was holding a pregnancy test, I cried and laughed with joy. The doctor told me sometimes such things did happen. I also heard it, when you are relaxed it will sort itself out. The doctor performed an ultrasound examination to confirm pregnancy. Although this pregnancy was not uneventful as the previous one, our beautiful and healthy Lucinka was born.

I was a happy mama of two daughters, and my story was far from over. Although everyone asked whether we did not want one more child – boy -, I answered It was enough. I have already finished giving birth. I took it more as a rhetorical question. But Man proposes God disposes. Two years later the problems with my period started. It took somehow long; something was wrong. I thought some cysts again or another problem. I almost fell off an examining table, literally, when a doctor told me I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. He initiated therapy to maintain the pregnancy. I underwent two ultrasound examinations. The first one to confirm the pregnancy and the second one in the 13th week of gestation for NT; the doctor saw one foetus. In the 16th week, my blood test came back positive for Down Syndrome. At that time, I was 38 years old. I was worried very much; I did not sleep well. I was supposed to undergo amniocentesis considering for and against. When I started to feel the baby kicking, something seemed suspicious to me. I felt the first movements double.

When I went to the Centre for the morphological ultrasound in the 21st week of gestation, my suspicion was confirmed, and the adverse results of previous tests were ruled out. They were negative due to the fact we were expecting the twins. That was the reason I almost fell off the table for the second time. This year my twin boys Dominik and Lukáško were born. Although only my first child was born after IVF, I think the other three would not have been born without this help. Today I am a happy mama of four children. I can tell you, sometimes it is funny, mad, a barrel of laughs and noise. A house full of kids and happiness. As I watched being a teenager TV series “7th Heaven” or “Step by Step” longing for having such a big family some day. Thus, thanks to belief in God and GYN-FIV we are a family I have dreamed of. And you never know, maybe this story is not over…

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