Take a look inside the GYN-FIV clinic and see how infertility treatment is carried out. For some couples, the journey to have a baby is shorter, others have to be more patient and not give up, but the longed-for goal is worth it.
If you have been unable to conceive for more than a year (for women under 35) or have been trying for half a year (for women over 35), don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

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Infertility treatment in GYN-FIV

Embryology laboratory in GYN-FIV

Andrology laboratory in GYN-FIV

Ultrasound diagnostics in gynaecology and obstetrics in GYN-FIV

One-day surgery in gynaecology and urology in GYN-FIV

Quality embryo suitable for transfer

Reverse cell fusion, embryo with multi nucleation

Unfertilized oocyt vs. quality embryo

Embryo with multi nucleation (multiple cores) and slow dividing vs. quality embryo

Embryo (with multi nucleation) recommended for freezing

Fragmented embryo vs. blastocyst

Fragment absorption, slow dividing

Stopped embryo in 4-cell stage vs. quality embryo

3PN (embryo with three sets of genetic information) vs. blastocyst

Splitting 2 cells into 5 cells

Splitting 2 cells into 5 cells vs. blastocyst

Splitting 1 cell into 3 cells vs. blastocyst

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