Ethical code of GYN-FIV

Point 1.
Clients’ needs are the principal interest of all employees of the Centre for Gynaecology, Urology and Assisted Reproduction.

Point 2.
Our mission is to provide services with the highest level of professionalism and humanity, assisting everybody regardless of race, nationality, religion, and social status. Our members of staff follow strict rules of client confidentiality at all times.

Point 3.
Our staff and clients are equal partners during treatment. All our clients are entitled to be informed about their treatment and its specifications. It is our priority to provide the most understandable explanation about all diagnostic techniques and procedures and all treatment methods, including possible risks.

Point 4.
All medical procedures at GYN – FIV-e (prophylaxis, diagnostics, and treatment) are done in the highest level of equipped facility compliant with  legislation in the Slovak Republic, and in accordance with all accessible knowledge of medical sciences and ethical practices.

Point 5.
The staff of GYN – FIV respects and preserves life and supports it from early beginnings by caring for each client’s welfare.

Point 6.
In prescribing drugs and recommending appropriate treatment, the staff of GYN – FIV respects current knowledge and professional opinion, and conscientiously manages the individual needs of each client.

Point 7.
The staff of GYN – FIV  do not perform any acts that would contravene ethical practice

Point 8.
Each medical employee is required to obtain approval from a client’s legal representative or empowered representative before each irreversible medical procedure.

Point 9.
Clients are truthfully informed about the number and quality of eggs/embryos, as well as the results of sperm analyses.

Point 10.
Biological material stored in the laboratory is the subject of special methods of preservation and it can be used only after receiving written consent from both partners.

Point 11.
Donation of gametes is strictly anonymous. Donations among blood-related clients are not permitted.

Point 12.
All information about clients gathered during treatment is considered to be confidential even beyond the duration of the treatment. GYN-FIV staff maintains confidentiality.

Point 13.
GYN – FIV holds secure records of all documentation relating to treatment. Documentation is considered to be confidential and must be handled in accordance with current legislation. All data relating to our clients is protected against disclosure of information.

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