IVF and Soft IVF

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

IVF method has already been used for decades and has a high success rate in treating infertility.

The term “IVF” comes from Latin and means “fertilization in reagent glass”. During IVF a doctor removes female eggs by a follicular puncture and then fertilizes them with the sperm of a man.
Before egg retrieval, there is almost always required hormonal stimulation in order to produce a higher number of eggs.

When to use IVF

  • If pregnancy cannot be achieved naturally
  • If fertility in man is reduced
  • If pathological findings in woman occur

What is the course of the IVF cycle?

► Step 1 Registration ► Step 2 Consultation ► Step 3 Hormonal stimulation
► Step 4 Egg retrieval ► Step 5 Embryo transfer ► Step 6 Pregnancy test

• The whole process starts with a consultation with a doctor, who will individually advise you and instruct you about various methods and steps of treatment.

• It is followed by hormonal stimulation, in which the follicles are obtained. Then the eggs are retrieved from them. It is a hormonal therapy, in which a woman is taking hormone injections. Stimulation process is monitored by ultrasound.

• Eggs are retrieved through microsurgical surgery. This procedure takes about 15 minutes and is performed in short general anaesthesia.

• In the male, sperm analysis is performed and depending on the result, the most suitable method of fertilization of eggs is selected.

• In the short period – a few hours after egg retrieval – the eggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm.

• For the most ideal embryo development, in our Centre, the EmbryoScope® is available for our patients. EmbryoScope® is a state-of-the-art incubator that is currently available on the IVF market. It creates and maintains physiological environment necessary for the development of embryos. EmbryoScope® is an excellent tool to select the best embryos and determine the ideal candidates for transfer.

• Embryo transfer (transfer of embryos into the woman’s uterus) is performed depending on the development of embryos, usually 5 days after egg retrieval. Prolonged culture of embryos – one of the methods to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy – is already included in our package price. Embryo transfer does not require anaesthesia. The procedure is very similar to a standard gynaecological examination, and it takes about 10 minutes.

  • If during the IVF cycle extra embryos remain, they are cryopreserved – frozen and can be used for another transfer.

Since each pair has its own specific requirements, in our Centre the care of each client is individual.


  • Individual and professional care
  • A high level of health service
  • Many years of experience and comprehensive services in the field of assisted reproduction
  • Short waiting time

You have decided to complete an IVF cycle, but you are afraid of side effects of hormonal stimulation?

After consulting your doctor, it is possible to opt for a SOFT IVF cycle.

In the SOFT IVF cycle, hormones are less dosed during hormonal stimulation than in the classic IVF cycle.

The soft cycle is cheaper than an IVF cycle, but also has its disadvantages: Less mature eggs are obtained and the success rate of the treatment is lower.

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