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24. Jul 2017

My husband and I decided to have a baby a long time before our wedding. However, after a year of trying to conceive we realised it would not be as easy as we thought… there appeared tears and stress, blames and tears again… I thought I would never be a mother; all our results were OK and as I was at that time only 21, no doctor worked it out and said I was young and had a lot of time… Maybe if we had decided to visit a centre of assisted reproduction sooner, we wouldn’t have experienced such disappointment, crying, anger and despair…

After almost five years it finally happened naturally, but the whole thing ended before it began. Unfortunately, my pregnancy occurred in a fallopian tube, which I eventually lost. We decided to visit a centre of assisted reproduction and started to see Gyn-fiv. Despite all the results, which were almost always more or less okay, hormonal therapy for cycle modification and removal of always developing cysts, we were not able to conceive naturally. So we underwent IUI which failed and we decided to apply for IVF. Then the whole thing didn’t take too long. Although the whirl of injections, drugs and visits was endless, it was worth undergoing it. The blood test after all confirmed a long-awaited pregnancy 🙂 I still remember that no two weeks in my life lasted as long as that time. And yet when I recall it, my hands shake the same as at that time when I was calling with my heart sank to my boots in order to know the result and I heard: congratulations, you are pregnant.   In this way we started after almost seven years to look forward to our bundle of happiness, which is now one month old and makes me incrediably happy!

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