Thanks to GYN-FIV we are family

Best regards from Canada

We are sending you our best regards from Canada. Finally, on January 31st we were joined by Oliver George, 3138 g, 50 cm. He is perfectly healthy, beautiful and brings us joy even at three o’clock in the morning. 🙂

I have both daughters thanks to assisted reproduction

A likeable TATIANA HEJBALOVÁ (41) is a mother of beautiful daughters SAŠKA (18) and ADELKA (4). She would have had neither of them if she hadn't undergone artificial insemination. And she has never regretted her decision. Her life has been filled with happiness...

Thanks to them I am a mother

Dear GYN-FIV family.:)Our story started seven years ago when after a first-try successful IVF cycle we brought home from hospital our most precious treasure - daughter Bianka. At that time, we had been married for already seven years. But no baby was coming after the...

That moment changed our lives

Our story It was only recently when we knocked “on the door” of GYN-FIV. That moment changed our life. I am most grateful to them for it. And also to myself that I took courage, to my husband that he didn't give up, to my parents for their support and last but not...

Dear Gyn-Fiv family

Dear GYN-FIV family, I would like to share our story with you. The story which has at the ending (not only) a beautiful healthy baby boy - our Miško.:) We got married after nine years of dating. I was 26, my husband two years older. After a year we decided to start a...

Princess Rozárka

Hello, we were waiting for our little lady for a long time... After a failed attempt in Brno I was sure not to try it again. But after a couple of years you gave a beautiful son to our friends and I felt like being prepared to try it again. So we visited your centre...

Healthy triplets

Hello, all I can write is that everything we had to undergo was worth doing and for sure I would do it again not hesitating a second. Our beautiful and mostly healthy triplets were possible due to you/us at the second try and they please us greatly. My husband and I...

There are twins

„A long time ago I was given a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and a chance of getting pregnant was very low. After a couple of years of unsuccessful trying to conceive we finally decided to address specialists. We both underwent many tests and my diagnosis was...


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