Sperm Donation


A sperm donor must meet the following criteria:

  • age between 18 and 32 years
  • health status free of serious diseases (including congenital and psychic ones)
  • minimum completed education – secondary
  • a donor cannot be a man who in the past already donated sperm in another centre for assisted reproduction
  • at the first visit a donor undergoes a baseline ejaculate evaluation, personal interview and blood draw for screening sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.) and determining a blood type
  • a donor must undergo a genetic testing from blood (karyotype – evaluation of the number and structure of chromosomes and test for cystic fibrosis)

Donated sperm are cryopreserved and stored in liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -196°C. Sperm are stored and quarantined for the period of 180 days. Only in the case of confirming the negative results the evaluated sperm can be really used.


Sperm donation programme is the most commonly used donation programme in assisted reproduction.

Couples can apply for donated sperm in case a male partner is

  • a carrier of genetic disease
  • in his ejaculate there are no sperm present
  • only sperm of low quality are present.

Before the procedure applicants for donated sperm fill out a questionnaire for selection of a donor in which they additionally specify also physiognomic traits of the partner – his phenotype.

Our Centre has an extensive sperm donor database and we are ready to accommodate all possible recipients’ requests to the utmost.


Using donated sperm with the IUI method – intrauterine insemination:

The washed sperm from a donor are placed into the woman’s uterus.

The process of uterus preparation occurs at home, and drugs needed are prescribed for you by our physician. Within this hormonal preparation one ultrasound examination is necessary to undergo with your gynaecologist in order to monitor thickness of the uterine mucosa.

Once your results are optimal our Centre will confirm the pre-agreed particular day for sperm transfer into your uterus. Sperm are placed into the uterus during a short ambulatory procedure.

Using donated sperm within an IVF cycle:

The woman-recipient’s eggs are fertilized with the sperm from a donor and resulting embryos are transferred into her uterus.

The process of hormonal stimulation of ovaries occurs at home.
Drugs are prescribed for you by our physician. During this hormonal preparation the monitoring of stimulation with your gynaecologist is necessary.  In an ideal world the whole process of ovarian stimulation is performed in our Centre. Hormonal stimulation is terminated by oocyte retrieval where the eggs are fertilized by donated sperm.

In case of getting a higher number of quality embryos the remaining embryos are frozen – cryopreserved.  Such embryos can be used by a couple for further insemination.

At that time after a short hormonal preparation of the uterus (the uterus will be prepared for successful embryo implantation) the embryos will be placed into the uterus during a short ambulatory procedure.

Sperm donation is strictly anonymous!

During the whole process of a recipient’s preparation for transfer of donated sperm our coordinator and physician are at your service on phone or SKYPE

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