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In accordance with the current legislation (Act No. 777/2004 Coll.) the Slovak health insurance companies cover 3 cycles of assisted reproduction to patients up to 39 years of age. 

Financing of a cycle of assisted reproduction is covered by health insurance companies in the following indications:
1. absent or defective oviducts
2. endometriosis
3. absence or defects of ovaries
4. infertility with unknown reason
5. poor quality of partner’s sperm
6. immunologically conditioned infertility
7. inherited diseases and others

Some procedures within assisted reproduction are not covered by a health insurance company and patients bear the costs themselves. For ease of reference, we have prepared for you a pricelist of procedures performed in GYN – FIV, the Centre for Gynaecology, Urology and Assisted Reproduction.

GYN – FIV a.s., the Centre for Gynaecology, Urology and Assisted Reproduction has contracted with all health insurance companies in Slovakia.