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Oxidative stress results from an imbalance between the antioxidant capacity of cells and the number of free radicals, which are the product of normal cell metabolism in every living organism. In addition, we receive free radicals daily from the environment, for example, due to radiation (UV, X-ray), but also due to stress, smoking, polluted environment, and many other factors. The generation of oxidative stress is, therefore, the result of an imbalance at different levels in the cell. Cell defence against the influence of free radicals is provided by antioxidant enzymes.

An excess amount of free radical production leads to faster cell damage. If excess oxidative stress affects male germ cells, it has a direct impact on male fertility (sperm membrane damage, thus reducing their motility and ability to fuse with the egg – motility disorder, activation of the acrosome reaction, DNA damage in the sperm).

Approximately half of all infertile men suffer from oxidative stress. Obesity, varicocele, urinary tract infections and the advanced age of the male patient also have an adverse effect on the generation of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress test provides:

  • easy and reliable tests to measure a possible excess of free radicals
  • reanalysis after treatment with antioxidants

To whom is Oxidative stress test recommended:

  • to patients with improper lifestyle (obesity, smoking, alcohol, heavy metals), varicocele, urinary tract infections
  • to patients with age over 40 years
  • to patients to whom using preparations for improving sperm quality did not produce better results

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